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GoldSmart Services: Buy & Sell Gold in Toronto

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Who We Are

We are precious metals experts.  With 35 years experience in the precious metals business, GoldSmart provides evaluation and trading services, buying gold, silver, platinum and palladium from estates in the Toronto area

What We Do

We buy precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium) from estates in the Toronto area.  Applying technical and market knowledge we examine and evaluate the items for sale, offer a fair market value at current markets and make same-day settlement

Who GoldSmart Serves

Who We Serve

Estate and trust practitioners are our specialty.  We serve lawyers, estate planners, accountants or private executors who need to evaluate and liquidate an estate containing precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium

How We Work

A unique service. We prepare a pro-forma evaluation to establish the value of the gold and other precious metals in the estate. When the beneficiaries are ready to sell, we provide same-day settlement at current prices

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Metals We Buy

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gold coins


Ounce for ounce the most valuable of the precious metals, gold is found in estates in the form of bullion bars, investments coins, jewellery, watches and occasionally even dental gold

silver bars and coins


Silver circulating Canadian and American silver coin collections from years before the mid-1960’s, silver bars and Olympic coins, sterling silver tea services and cutlery, are all common in estates

platinum ring


Less common than gold, but still we find platinum wedding bands, some investments bars, and some “white gold” jewellery that is really platinum. Less valuable now than gold, but worthwhile

palladium bars and coins


A cousin to platinum in the PGM metals, palladium often occurs as part of the alloy in dental golds.  We evaluate and buy a lot of dental gold, including bridgework and other appliances

Items We Buy

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10 troy ounce gold bar

Bullion Bars

The most fungible form of precious metals, bullion bars from a recognized “good value” source like Credit Suisse or Scotiabank among others fetch the highest percentage of value on sale

Canadian 1975 Canadian Olympic coin

Investment Coins

Gold or silver coins made specifically for investment, such as Canadian Olympic coins, fetch good percentages of value, although less than bullion since many coins are not pure

Canadian half dollar coin

Silver Currency

Legal to melt with proper permits, many estates contain coin collections featuring circulating Canadian and American silver coin from the mid-1960’s and earlier.  Intrinsic silver value invariably exceeds face value by a factor of several times.

18 karat gold chain


Although less fungible than more pure forms, old gold jewellery and watches can be sold for their intrinsic gold value.  Some particularly unique pieces may be sold as estate jewellery

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