About Goldsmart

About GoldSmartI’m Keith Perrin and I started GoldSmart because I looked at all the other choices available to people who wanted to sell old gold and I didn’t like what I saw.


GoldSmart is different because:

  • We offer a chance for groups of friends to sell gold in the privacy of a home party
  • We offer private consultations to larger sellers or those selling estates
  • We maintain a free and open Knowledgebase to share our knowledge of metals
  • The GoldSmart Network™ is a supporter of Jewellers Vigilance Canada and member of The International Precious Metals Institute.
  • I personally have over 30 years in the precious metals business

What’s mostly different about GoldSmart is what we are not:

  • We are not a jewellery store or “Cash for Gold” store
  • We don’t advertise, except for this web site
  • We are not one of those guys on TV

Call me personally at 647-294-2849 or send me an email at info@goldsmart.ca